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Paradise Seeds @ Bushplanet and Plant City Vienna 2017 For this video, Paradise Seeds was granted exclusive access behind the scenes at Plant City in Vienna. In Austria it is legal to grow (and sell) cannabis plants up until the point that they flower. Plant City is Vienna’s only shop to specialise in seedlings and each week this facility produces 1800 cannabis seedling plants which are sold to customers. Paradise Seeds has had close ties with the Austrian growing community since the 1990s. Four of the Paradise Seeds strains feature on the Plant City customer menu - Wappa, Spoetnik #1, Nebula and Ice Cream. Wappa is the most popular cannabis variety on sale at Plant City, and a staggering 40,000 Wappa seedlings are sold by Plant City each year. It takes 14 days to produce a seedling that is ready to hand over to the customer. The seedlings are produced under laboratory conditions in a sterile environment. Seeds are planted into easy blocks (a natural grow medium combining coco, latex and soil) and germinated under a neon LED. Once the seeds have germinated, and grown to approximately 2cm in height, the shoots are moved to bigger cubes where they will spend a week under LED lights. Finally, the young cannabis seedlings are placed under halogen lights for 5 days. After two weeks of growing, they are ready for the customer to pick up and take home to continue the plant’s journey! To find out more information about Paradise Seeds varieties and merchandise as well as keep up to date on interesting cannabis news, please visit the website:

7 months ago