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A glimpse of Indian Charras

A glimpse of Indian Charras

potads jack

1 year
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It's the cream, it's the champagne, it's the sunday, it's simply Indian Charras!

The legendary hand-rubbed charras from northern India is super tasty and in its effects very light. I compare it with a light red wine from Trentino fom Italy and natural Sake from Japan. Drinkable endlessly without breakdown. And what a taste!

Back to Charras: Against the international trends, producing very strong cannabis with 20%+ concentration, Charras might seem odd with approx. 7% concentration.

It's stimulant and relaxing, mental and body-feeling, because of the pure Sativa strain in the closed valley's of northern India. It's almost a kind of paradoxical substance - relaxed but also active.

The maikng of Charras is a century-old tradition in the valley's of the Himalaya. It's one of the rare places on earth where the technique of hand-rubbing is still celebrated. Whole families, young kids and grandmothers, aunties and mamies are sitting together in the fields and producing finest black Charras. It's an art with spirit!



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