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Inside a Legal Grow Operation: Sound Cannabis

Sound Cannabis has gained a reputation very quickly as their growth in popularity and sales of their products, have put them on the map in the industry as a farm ready to compete in the legal industry in WA state. Joe Pearce (general manager) is going to show us some strains their growing right now at now at his facility, a tier 2 I-502 grow operation out in Aberdeen, WA. Sound Cannabis is still a new producer/ processor in WA, they just started selling their product in January 2017 after growing in light dep greenhouses through the winter. All of their growers, strains and plant knowledge came from WA medical marijuana industry, after legislation shut down all of the medical dispensaries in WA state. General Manager’s Joe Pearce shows us a variety of their strains such as Chernobyl, Snoop’s Dream, Chem Dawg, Blue Dynamite, Girl Scout Cookies, and many more. Joe shows us how they cure their cannabis, by doing a whole plant hang for a long cure to ensure that their cannabis preserves its effects, and flavors.

1 year ago