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Need For Weed - Stoner Comedy - Full Movie - Directors Cut

Need For Weed - Stoner Comedy - Full Movie - Directors Cut

potads jack

9 months
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Forget Need For Speed, its all about the Weed in this hilarious stoner comedy film.

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Poster Artwork by Travis Varnum, whose work can be found at

Thirty-something stoner's Aaron and Trip are back, finally available in its originally intended feature length version Need For Weed - The Movie - Directors Cut (currently trying to be a viral video).

When their dealer Grandma gets busted, Aaron and Trip struggle to get hold of any weed, and call upon the services of their straight laced neighbour Clive, and through deception and lies convince him to travel all the way to Birmingham so they can score.

Inspired loosely by comedies like The Inbetweeners and Peep Show, Need For Weed is a brilliantly funny story of friendship, peer pressure and time wasting.

Starring Carl Timmins, Gareth Pollard and Nathan Fullick, and written and directed by Trev Lewis, Hagfilms Need For Weed is a fantastic British made coming of age road movie.

"What an excellent film! Very well directed, produced, and acted as well. very good contrasting music and dialogue too :) great work!"
Jesse Nawalaniec

"Damn. Expected a few good laughs from this movie, but it made me question my cannabis habit quite a bit to be honest. For what seems to be a fairly low budget movie, this was great! Good work guys. Subscribed and liked :)"

"I Love the movie! perfect escence, and super entertaining. :) Keep it up!"

"Very "Cornetto trilogy", well done!! :-)"
Shep Shepherd

"Really good work. keep writing and filming. Hope someone picks up your work for series. Hope to see more very soon."
Danny Luevano

"The quality of this show (acting,writing,editing) ... is incredible." - Samsqwamch

"High as hell right now and loving this"

"British guys+Marijuana+funnyjokes=one hell of an amazing comedy."

"I'm hooked"
featherless robin

"Just got sucked in"
Robert Kramer

"...a hilarious pot-powered road Trip that is as easy to watch as it is to laugh with.... This indie feels like The Big Lebowski and Fear and Loathing all in one brilliant comedy. ... In summation, I am impressed."
Travis Varnum

"I love this show keep it up guys"
Sammy Lafrette

Oscar Crowley

"Made me laugh more than a Hollywood movie would. Good Job guys"
Kris Wiggins

"Wowwww this is the fucking best"
Gropa Chinie

"Biggest pile of shit I've ever seen, just dreadfull and not at all funny."
John Tom

"awesome movie guys good job"
Cory Chenault

"Holy fuck this is golden!!!!"

"the opening scene caught me. :D
I'm excited for the rest..."
Link Zeppeloyd

"This is great!
With a massive budget I could EASILY see you guys becoming the next Simon Pegg & co!"
The Captain

"Seriously very very good."

"I needed to laugh. This movie did the trick..."
Dominic Joseph

"preachy british crap... close minded, retrograde, narrow sighted, right winged, redneck piece of british shit they call a movie ...just another anti-pot sorry atempt of propaganda"
Gabriel Garcez

"Stoned or not, you'll enjoy this"

"Very well done.... Brilliant!"
John Doe

"Awesome movie guys good job"
Cory Chenault.

"Wow really good"
Jonathan Young

"loved it, found it by forwarded to friends and subscribed ;)"

"Sweet movie... Strong work... Stong work"
Premo King

"Great little road trip movie"
Duane Dibley

Harrie-Frits Dikchillen

"Great film, good vibes"
Charlie Greenwood

"Wow that was crap guys. Please dont do a follow up or ever get on that side of a camera again!. Not even to take a selfie. Please..."
Michael Jones

"Funny as hell... loved it!!!"
daddy 2 kenneally

"Such a great movie, loved it..."
yaser albek

"Awesome! Was better than I expected! Actors are great and it easy watching"

"Good work to the makers of this film!! Good bloody work, making something like this free to the public, be proud lads!!"
PlumbingBroom and the MightySpoon

"Really funny all da way."

Simphiwe Mandondo

"the shittiest weed movie ever seen"
Abhishek Nair


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