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Hemp for Victory (1943) - WWII Pro- #Hemp Film by USA - #Marijuana #Cannabis

U.S. government film made during World War II, explaining the uses of hemp, encouraging farmers to grow as much as possible -- it was required viewing for all farmers by federal mandate! Farmers were encouraged to grow hemp for the war effort because other industrial fibers, often imported from overseas, were in short supply. The film shows a history of hemp and hemp products, how hemp is grown, and how hemp is processed into rope, cloth, cordage, oil, and other products. Before 1989, the film was relatively unknown and the United States Department of Agriculture library and the Library of Congress told all interested parties that no such movie was made by the USDA or any branch of the US government. Two VHS copies were recovered and donated to the Library of Congress on 19 May 1989 by Mia Farrow, Carl Packard, and Jack Herer. The only known copy in 1976 was a 3/4" broadcast quality copy of the film that was originally obtained by William Conde in 1976 from a reporter for the Miami Herald and the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church of Jamaica. It was given in trust that it would be made available to as many as possible. It was put into the hands of Jack Herer by William Conde during the 1984 OMI (Oregon Marijuana Initiative). As it was made by the US Government, it is public domain. Legalize marijuana (cannabis sativa, weed, mary jane, herb, reefer, bud, buddha, etc.) and end the drug war! 4:20 420. CHANGE BEFORE GOING PRODUCTIONS: More newsreel clips, documentaries, PSAs (Public Service Announcements), and other non-fiction videos added to the channel regularly. We hope you enjoy these movies, cartoons & animations, and other films.

1 year ago