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Auto Orange Bud Cannabis growing time-lapse by Dutch Passion

Auto Orange Bud Cannabis growing time-lapse by Dutch Passion

potads jack

3 months
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A time-lapse grow video of the beautiful Auto Orange Bud® of which you can find the seeds here:
Grown under the SolarSystem 275 (200 Watts)

The Dutch Passion master breeder responsible for some of the best modern autoflowering genetics, such as Auto Mazar®, Auto Ultimate® and Auto Daiquiri Lime®, took extra special care to create Auto Orange Bud®. A male autoflowering Auto Daiquiri Lime individual was first crossed with our supreme original Orange Bud photoperiod mother plant. He waited until he had enough capacity to make a selection from as many plants as possible, so he could breed the best from the best over 12 subsequent generations.

The project took over three years, our biggest and most complexed autoflowering breeding program so far. The breeder selectively bred those plants with the highest THC levels, the biggest yields, the authentic Orange Bud smell, taste and effect. The result was an autoflowering variety which is as good as our original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste. Even our experienced test panel could not notice the difference in a blind test.

"This video is for educational use only. People should always check there own national laws to see if they are allowed to have and / or germinate cannabis seeds."


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