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Auto Blueberry Dutch Passion - Cannabis growing time lapse

Auto Blueberry Dutch Passion - Cannabis growing time lapse

potads jack

6 months
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A time lapse of growing our legendary Auto Blueberry strain. Visit our website

Auto Blueberry® has quickly become the connoisseur choice of autoflower. It combines authentic Blueberry aroma and flavour thanks to a careful breeding program which crossed a very special Blueberry female with an indica dominant auto. Selective back-crossing until the F4 generation gave a fully automatic Blueberry, the F4 was self-pollinated to create the F5 seeds which have become a must-grow variety for anyone looking for a luxurious genuine Blueberry experience in a fast autoflower form.

Most plants have the famous Blueberry flavours and colours; she will yield very well with dense solid buds that are soaked with resin and are very potent. Auto Blueberry® gives a smooth, hugely enjoyable yet powerful Indica effect which lasts several hours. Everyone should try growing this variety at least once!


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