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CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel Time-lapse by Dutch Passion

CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel Time-lapse by Dutch Passion

potads jack

6 months
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A time-lapse grow video of our CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel® of which you can find the seeds here:

Grown under the SolarSystem 275 from Crazy Leds (200 Watts)

CBD Charlotte's Angel was Dutch Passion's first high CBD strain that contains little to no THC. CBD growers and medical growers were pleased to see a strain with all the medical cannabis benefits, but without the high. As there is almost no THC found in this strain, she suits needs that most other strains don't. Our customers asked for an autoflower variety with the same genotype profile and we are pleased to present CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel.

CBD Charlotte's Angel was crossed with CBD Auto Compassion Lime to turn her into an autoflower. She is 20% indica/80% sativa and grows to around a metre tall. Yields are large, with earthy/fruity tones together with a very clear and soft feeling of well being.
CBD levels are around 16% and THC level is always below 1%.

"This video is for educational use only. People should always check there own national laws to see if they are allowed to have and / or germinate cannabis seeds."


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