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IndianCharras | a day in the fields | the arrival

IndianCharras | a day in the fields | the arrival

potads jack

1 year
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I spent a day in the wild ganja fields in the Indian Himalayas. The trailers are about the culture of Cannabis in this part of the world, focus on the kind of processing and smoking the cannabis.

Since the Himalayas are actually flooded with wild cannabis, actually it starts in the very west, already in the Hindukush mountain region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, grows towards the north east into the Karakorum on chinese territory and moves along all to the east of Indian and Nepali Himalaya region, and into the burmese, chinese and thai lao hill regions, the amount of Cannabis is immense!

That is why in the Indian part the culture of hand made charras is very common. Hand rubbing is a very inefficient way to extract the resin, but since there are so many plants, the flavor, smell and texture of hand rubbed charras is unique, there is no need to change the process.

The work in the fields is tough, the time to enter the ready fields and to harvest the plants is very limited, the boys are doing a terrific job that we can eventually enjoy these delicious pieces.

The way to smoke Charras in a chillum is an almost spritual act, a ritual, which gives a higher meaning to smoke hand-rubbed charras.


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